Why Become a Kalipso Tour Guide?

One of the main players of the Kalipso platform are the tour guides that provide these amazing adventures to their customers. In our extensive research, we’ve managed to identify the main concerns of tour providers in Albania, and we attempt to address most of them in our platform. Here are some reasons why being a part of Kalipso can be beneficiary for tour providers.


1. All your activities as a tour guide are streamlined.

Through Kalipso, all tour guide related activities are now in one place. Not only can you add new tours and view a comprehensive list of all your past, present and future tours, but you can make them as detailed and comprehensive as you’d like. We understand how important it is for tourists to stay informed at all times about their upcoming trips, so we’ve structured and organized the type and amount of information you present to them. You can add information about yourself, photos from your trips, useful tips and tricks and make navigation easier and your tourists can view everything from their computer, phones or tablets. Making a tour reservation has never been easier.

2. You can manage your workflow more efficiently.

Organizing trips for a large number of people can be stressful and difficult, especially when dealing with a growing number of tourists and a busy season. Kalipso can help make your work easier by digitalizing every aspect of your work. Keep track of the number of people coming to your tour, manage your calendar and keep your tourists informed at any time.

3. Stay connected.

It can be very difficult to create and maintain customer relations as a tour guide, which is why we offer a way to network with your tourists in a way that’s not intrusive or time consuming, but instead manages to cater to their personal needs with very little effort. By creating and maintaining your personal tour guide profile, tourists can give their rating and their feedback of you after each trip, book and cancel their reservations (on terms defined by you), and have their say at how they feel about this experience and what they’d like to improve.

4. Stay exposed

You can advertise yourself and your services in the Kalipso platform. By building a good reputation, getting high ratings and being an active guide, you can appear at the top user searches and work your way to building an online presence that helps you grow your business and have even more people joining in your adventures.

5. We cater to your needs.

As a new platform, Kalipso is always looking for ways to make your experience easier and is always open to improving and adapting to your needs as a tour guide, in order to promote the beautiful Albanian nature as well as the people that guide tourists through it. Since a similar platform doesn’t currently exist, you can be part of this unique experience for the Albanian market. We learn and grow through listening to your needs and requests, and we’re always willing to help you have a satisfactory experience.