Kalipso is a mobile and web traveling platform designed to bring together adventure lovers and tour providers while encourage more people to visit undiscovered nature treasures of Albania. We believe in the power that travel has to bring people together and aim to make this as easy as possible. That is why Kalipso will always strive to bring life-changing touring experiences to the world.

Kalipso ensures an integration of all travel guides into one single platform, while providing a clear view and further development of tourism sector in Albania. Also the efficiency provided on managing the activities even in remote areas increases security on the road and a sustainable relationship between the tourists and the trip providers.
With Kalipso by your side, you will always find the perfect activity to participate and never find yourself unprepared. It will accompany you step by step and learn more about the details of every trip so it can suggest the perfect options for you and other users in the future.
Kalipso very soon will also be available for mobile with even more amazing features for a better user experience and offline mode.

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